Hermit Crab Crabitat

For such a tiny creature, a hermit crab can have some big needs when it comes to its habitat.

Earlier this fall, I blogged about basic hermit crab care. Today, I’ve researched more about the habitat that is required for this breed of animal. It’s a somewhat extensive topic that even has its own nickname, the crabitat! Let’s start with the “foundation”—the flooring.

The substrate is the substance that is placed on the bottom of the tank, which the crab walks, plays and sleeps on. The best choices for these animals are sand and coconut fiber, also known as forest bedding. While both have perks, they are two very different substances.

Sand is an excellent choice because it can be found at every pet store, and it’s cheap. Crabs do not require any “special” sand. However, you do want to make sure that the sand you purchase is clean of debris. To do this, get a small sample and sift through it. If it seems clear of debris, it’s good for the crabitat.

More unusual is coconut fiber “bedding.” It’s a great substance, although it does require just a little bit more time and effort than sand. The fiber comes in a dense, brick-like shape. In order to prepare the material to be used as substrate, it needs to be soaked in water. When it becomes damp enough, you can mold it with your fingers and lay it down in the crabitat. The perks of using this substance are that it helps with the humidity levels, and it is sturdy enough that your pet can dig and tunnel through it without the fibers collapsing. You can also find this material at your local pet store.

Once you have selected your substrate, the last thing to do is watch your crab have fun and play!

One last thing I’d like to emphasis for the crabitat is the humidity level. It should always be around 70%. For more details, see our prior blog on the topic.

What do you have as flooring in your crabitat?

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