Helping Pets by Adopting and Fostering

Guest Post: Elliot Harvey's Natural Health Column:

Tis the season to be jolly! Happiness is in the air, good tidings to all. Walking and standing tall, enjoying Holiday cheer. Giving thanks and rejoicing- a special time for all? Let’s make a resolution to help pets in adoption centers and animal shelters, and all the pets needing loving homes.

Dogs and cats would love a Merry Christmas with a loving family. Animals are loving, loyal and a lifelong friend.

In these economically strained times, a shelter may have kittens, cats, puppies and adult dogs of all ages and breeds. Many purebred animals can be found at shelters. There are many rescue groups that specialize in a purebred breed. Many of these animals are delightful, playful and in a shelter for no other reason that a family lost their home or job, divorced, developed allergies, or had to move.

Some benefits of getting an animal from a rescue group or shelter are that the animal is spayed or neutered, micro chipped and their disposition can be discussed.

Adopting a pet is a family affair: If this is the only animal in the household- all family members should be involved with the decision and play with the pet awhile before making the decision. Your family lifestyle needs to be taken into account. Is the pet going to be alone all day? Is the new environment an apartment? Do you have a yard with a low fence? Is the animal very active? How is the pet’s temperament? Remember, everyone needs a period to adjust to one another, confusion and bewilderment with new surroundings can be accompanied by nervousness. The pet needs time to adjust to a whole new world of smells, commands, your work and school schedules and a new social climate. Patience is a virtue at this time. Our company Great Life Performance Pet Products™ offers individuals in our surrounding areas free food for 2 months and Price Club 4 Pets, a retail store, also offers free food for 2 months and a bag of treats to anyone adopting a dog or cat.

Fostering a pet is another way of helping pets. Our shelters are getting overcrowded with great pets and this is another option for a short term household guest. Many shelters have a program to supply food, treats, bowls and beds, litter box and cat litter.

Fostering and adoption from rescues may also involve home visits by a member of the rescue and paperwork to be filled out. Rescues want to make certain that the pet is in a good loving environment.

Now don’t we all deserve to have a jolly Christmas? Let’s make it happen for our four legged friends in those shelters and rescues. They will not only make a great gift, but will become your lifelong friend.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!  Have a healthy and pet fantastic holiday season.

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Elliott Harvey MH
Author, The Healthy Wholistic Dog

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