Help your pets with 4th of July stress

The Fourth of July is quickly approaching and with it comes the promise of cookouts, get-togethers and fireworks. Bringing your dog along as part of the family may seem a natural course of action, but dogs often react differently to fireworks displays than adults.

Dogs often experience high levels of anxiety during the loud, sometimes bright displays. What are visual displays for us are more like explosions for animals and small children, so this reaction is completely understandable. However, you can do several things to minimize anxiety and still enjoy this patriotic celebration.

  • If possible, leave your dog enclosed at home. Make sure to lock all avenues of escape, such as doors and windows. It’s best to leave a television or music on at a low level to distract your dog from the noise outside.
  • Dogs left in fenced-in areas are very likely to try to escape. This is especially true if no one is around to comfort him. Try not to leave your dog outside if possible. Nothing ruins a holiday more than a missing pet!
  • Leave enough toys to distract your dog. These may also help to relieve anxiety because dogs often chew things when they get nervous.
  • Lastly, be sure your dog has updated collar and ID tags. If he does manage to run away in his attempt to escape the noise, it is much more likely that he will be returned if he has proper tags.

Taking care to ensure your pet has as stress-free a Fourth of July as possible will make the holiday more enjoyable for everyone.

Are you planning on bringing you pet along with you to Fourth of July celebrations?

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