Healthy Dog Treats

To help your pet maintain a healthy weight, choose healthy snacks and treats.  Most pet treats seen on the shelves contain lots of fat in the form of cheddar, bacon and other ingredients. Sounds like a typical kitchen pantry! However, both our pets and we have more healthy alternates for treats.

You can find homemade treats along with healthy or organic treats at your local pet store. Some great treats for your dog that might be in your pantry are veggies. That’s right! In particular, most dogs enjoy carrots because of the nice crunch! Other veggies include raw green beans, celery or cooked yams. It is best to simply experiment with different types of veggies to see which ones your pooch enjoys.

There are also fun treats that are especially good for the summertime. You can freeze small chunks of fruit into ice cubes for dogs to lick. Good fruits to use include apples, kiwi and watermelon. These treats are great because they are healthy, and they help to cool your pet off during a hot day.

However, always be on the lookout for treats that aren’t good for your pet. You should never feed your dog onions, garlic, raisins and grapes, which are all toxic to dogs.

What healthy treats do you give your pets? Share ideas with us in the comments!

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