Happy New Year! Make It Safe for Your Pets

Happy New Year! Make It Safe For Your Pets

Photo by Kimberly Martin-Sprickman / CC BY-NC-ND

While celebrating the New Year is fun, it can be dangerous for your pet!

Celebrating the new year is a very special time. It typically includes having parties, eating lots of food and maybe setting off a firework or two. While this is a great time for humans, it can actually be pretty scary and potentially dangerous for your pet. Below are some tips on how to make it safe for your pets while the celebrations are going on.

  • Keep alcohol out of reach. While you may have seen a movie or two in which a dog drinks beer, it is actually poisonous to animals. Even a small amount can cause alcohol poisoning. If you notice your pet drinking anything suspicious, call the animal hospital immediately. Some signs of alcohol poisoning in your pet include: drooling, vomiting, elevated heart rate and a swollen belly.
  • Find a safe place for him. If your furry friend is skittish around strangers, find a safe spot for it to stay throughout the evening. Make sure it has access to its water bowl, toys and maybe even a blanket to make it feel more comfortable.
  • Helping him avoid the fireworks. If your furry friend doesn’t like fireworks, try to make the safe spot a compact room. This will help with both the sound and the light that fireworks make. A compact room will dampen the sound, and the lights won’t be seen as easily, if at all. Even if your animal doesn’t mind fireworks, keep it in an area where it cannot run into a lit firework or get burned by falling sparks.

One New Year’s tradition that your animal is sure to love? A kiss at midnight! Be sure to share the love with your furry friend and kick off 2015 in the best way! And send us pictures of your pet at midnight – even if they’re sleeping!

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