Hairballs in Cats

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  1. Judy Bengs says:

    A little cod liver oil on the cat food helps also. We have a stray cat that lives in our front yard. He lays on the cars, and we were finding a lot of vomit with hair in it. We started putting a couple squirts of cod liver oil
    on his food. The vomiting decreased and finally stopped all together.

  2. Karen says:

    I use the hairball remedy wet and dry (royal canin extreme hairball) food as well as giving my Billey the liquid hair ball remedy once every couple of weeks. 4 years ago Billey stopped eating and was gagging and coughing a lot. An X-Ray showed something in his upper GI tract. After two days of intravenous fluids, I had the surgeon go in to see what was going on. He had two large ( the size of a fist ) hair balls blocking his system. They were removed and he has been okay since. He is a MAINE COON with lots of fur. I always combed him but the vet said that this was a common problem with long haired cats. Now, he gets combed more often and then I use a finer tooth brush to pick up the loose hairs. A lion cut was also suggested but my Billey won't have that. staying on top of the grooming is important. Billey says, "yeah, it's important!"

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