Guest Post: California Cruisin' by Max

What a great day to live in Southern California!The top’s down and I’m cruising down Pacific Coast Highway, wind blowing through my hair, tongue flapping against my face, my driver smiling and the smell of fresh sea water cleaning my lungs. I feel great!

I must confess, I often used to feel like something the cat dragged in. Plagued by indigestion, gas, itching, joint pain and the occasional bloating, there were many days I didn’t feel like getting out of bed.

That’s not the case any longer. I’ve given up “junk foods”.

I wish someone had been honest and informed me of the many cheap and indigestible ingredients, preservatives, food colorings, found in so many of my treats. Now I feel much better, no longer consuming ingredients that caused me distress and made me feel awful.

I have eliminated: Wheat gluten meal, by-products, corn, soybean meal, peanut hulls, artificial colors, artificial flavors, sugar, propylene glycol, ethoxyquin (a potential cancer-causing preservative) and cereal by-products. I also no longer consumer pig ears, cow ears or rawhide, and my stomach feels so much better.

Many of my pals have kicked the “junk food’ habit and have found healthy alternatives made in the USA. Some of my favorite treats are Freeze dried white chicken breast meat, CluKRs (California free range chicken fed vegetarian diets), Real Meat treats, Grizzly Treats, Dr. WooFrs biscuits (yum, yum!), Ameri-Treats, and Charki Puffs.

The “all natural” movement is growing at a fantastic pace with increasing amounts of shelf space dedicated to healthier products.  Bakeries are springing up, offering many assortments; Pet Boutiques are carrying more and more natural, high quality items not found in big box stores. Never have there been so many tasty, and much healthier choices!

Kick the “Junk Food Habit”; your dog will love you more for it!

Hey, I hear my favorite Beach Boys song coming on-sing it with me—“I wish they all could be California Dogs”…

If you have any questions, please e-mail me at Pet assure customers receive a 20% discount on website (enter coupon code: PA-03).Superior quality dog and cat food and pet products can be found on this site.

This post was written by Elliot Harvey MH of Author of “The Healthy Wholistic Dog,” Elliot has years of experience in animal health and wellness. Pet Assure is not affiliated with and does not endorse Great Life Performance Pet Products. Pet Assure is presenting this guest post for the benefit of its readers and retains no financial interest in any future transactions.

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