Grooming Rabbits

A sweet rabbit face can sometimes be difficult to find through all the fur and tangles! However, with the proper grooming technique, your furry friend will be mat-free and visible in no time.

While rabbits do spend a good deal of time cleaning their fur, you might want to help him along with your own grooming schedule. Experts recommend that owners brush short-haired rabbits at least once a week. For long-haired rabbits, grooming may need to become a daily routine.

To start grooming a rabbit, find the perfect brush. Rabbits have very delicate skin, so a brush that is specifically designed for this animal is preferable. The best type to use will either be a bristle brush or a fine-toothed comb. Once you have found your brush, it’s time to start grooming. In addition to brushing a long-haired rabbit once a day, you may also want to consider keeping its fur trimmed to about one inch. Any longer, and the coat will become easily tangled or matted. To get your rabbit’s fur cut, take it to the local groomer or ask your veterinarian how to do it safely.

In the event that your rabbit does develop a knot or mat in its fur, never fear! The process of removing the tangle or mat is fairly simple and easy to do. But it can be time consuming. Experts say never attempt to cut the area out, because the skin is very delicate and can easily be cut by scissors. Instead, use the brush to gradually work out the mat by gently separating and combing the fur. If it is a large knot, consider taking time out for several sessions of fur-untangling. Another alternative is to find a local groomer to help smooth out your pet’s fur.

A happy rabbit is only a brush away.

Send us any photos you have you’re your rabbit and his beautiful locks!

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