Grooming a Horse 101

For those who need to learn horse grooming and for those who are just plain curious!

While brushing and grooming is important for all pets, it is especially important if you have a horse, or if you ride horses for leisure or for sport. Brushing is most important after the horse has been wearing a saddle because grit and dirt can get caught underneath it. Brushing your horse thoroughly removes all the dirt, which makes it less likely for the horse to develop sores the next time you’re in the saddle.

To begin, note what you will need as horse grooming supplies. It is best to groom horses with:

  • Curry comb or grooming mitt
  • Body brush with fairly stiff bristles
  • Mane/Tail comb made of plastic. Plastic combs cause less hair breakage.  
  • Finishing brush with soft bristles
  • Hoof pick
  • Clean sponge or cloth

Before you start the grooming process, securely tie your horse so that it cannot start walking away. While the order in which you groom the horse is not important, you want to be sure to groom the entire body of your horse.

When cleaning the hooves of the horse, pry out anything that may be stuck to the horseshoe. This is also a good time to check for any injuries or strains on your horse’s feet. Next, use the curry comb to loosen the dirt in your animal’s coat. The proper way to use a curry comb is to use circular motions while brushing. After using the curry comb to loosen the dirt, use the body brush to brush off that dirt and grit from your horse. Next up is the mane and tail. When using the mane and tail comb, if you encounter nasty tangles, use a special grooming spray to help condition your horse’s hair. The finishing brush is the last item used because it adds a nice shine to your horse’s coat.

And then…presto! You now have a clean and glossy horse, along with time to bond with your animal friend.

Do you have a horse? Share your grooming tips and tricks with us in the comments!

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