Goodbye Dear Barnaby; You will be Missed

My husband’s rabbit, Barnaby, passed away two weeks ago. It was rather unexpected in that he had not shown any signs of illness. However, he was more than eight years old, so we knew that he was getting to be an “old man bun” (most pet rabbits living between seven to ten years). He went quietly and peacefully in his sleep. He had enjoyed his favorite treat (fresh banana) earlier that day.
Obviously, we’re sad. We miss him. The cats miss him. However, we’ve found that our sadness feels a bit less acute whenever we take a moment to remember all the great things that made him such a special bunny.
Barnaby was a lover, not a fighter. We adopted him from the local humane society to become the buddy of another bunny, Fiona, after our first rabbit, Alya, had passed. Fiona was a very feisty rabbit, while Barnaby was just the opposite. Fiona had also been a rescue and, despite our best efforts, was generally pretty standoffish towards the humans in the family and downright aggressive towards the cats (rearing up on her hind legs and pummeling them in the head with her front paws). But she loved Barnaby. It must have been his sweet, gentle nature that won her over.
Barnaby loved toast –the crunchier the better. He also adored bananas (both fresh and in chip form). He never shredded important papers or books if we happened to leave them lying around. He never chewed through cables or wires (even on those rare occasions when one may have been available). He did, however, regularly try to “chew down the house” when hanging out in the basement where my husband has his office. His strong teeth made quite the noise while he gnawed on an exposed wooden support beam (the basement is only partially finished).

I know we’re not the only people currently missing a beloved pet that has passed on. You probably are as well. Let’s talk about it. Share your favorite memories in the comments.

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