Good Toys for Dogs

When you get a new dog or puppy, there are so many toys to choose from. Toys and bones are important to keep your dog occupied when you are not home or cannot pay attention to them. Think of certain toys as a pacifier for them as it is to a baby.

Stuffed animals are not good to give to plenty of dogs because if they tear the stuffing out of the toys, then they can get bored with that and tear up pillows. The pillows have the same stuffing in them as the stuffed animals. For teacups and toy dogs, the stuffed animals are probably okay because they can’t tear them apart.

Safe Dog Bones and Toys:

  • Any rubber toys
  • Kong toys
  • Nylabones
  • Bullysticks
  • Pig ears
  • Pork rolls
  • Marrow bones (can be found in local grocery in frozen section)

Toys and Bones that are NOT safe for dogs:

  • Stuffed animal toys (they can rip apart the toy, get the stuffing out and can choke on the stuffing)
  • Small toys for big dogs
  • Greenies
  • Any rawhide bones (rawhide gets slimy and dog can choke or can get stuck in throat).

Dogs have digestive acids in their stomach that break the raw meat and bones with no problem. However, “NO” cooked chicken bones, they splinter! Raw chicken bones are perfectly okay.

Use the Kong toy or marrow bones as a special treat. Only give it to your dog when you put them in the crate or certain confinement, so they know they are getting special treats when in the confinement. Also, it keeps them occupied when you are leaving the house, it does not stress them out, and it helps with separation anxiety.

If your dog is spoiled and has so many toys to choose from, another good idea is to switch the toys around every other day, so if they have a favorite then they are not getting it every day. They will be more excited when they do get to play with the toy.

What's your dog's favorite toy? Share with us in the comments!

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