GMO Ingredients in Pet Food

Guest Post: Elliott Harvey’s Natural Health Column:

What does GMO Ingredients mean to a Dog and Cat’s Health?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Foods, which are foods that have had their DNA altered by being implanted with bacteria or the insertion or deletion of specific genes. GMO products are resistant to diseases and can employ powerful pesticides or herbicides when the need arises.

Many veterinarians are now correlating the effect of GMO foods on your pet's health, specifically on the liver, kidneys, heart, adrenal glands and other important organs. Health issues such as: IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), allergies, cancer and organ failures may be attributed to toxicity from GMO products. GMO foods can come from crops that contain herbicides, which when consumed by pets can leave the herbicide and /or insecticide remnants in the animal’s cellular system, which can lead to various hormonal and metabolic problems. A study was conducted in which GMO corn was fed to animals to observe the effects on mammalian health with results that indicated liver, kidney and other internal organ damage. With a pet’s immune system constantly battling environmental toxins, chemicals, synthetics, poor diets and more, it is extremely difficult to have the capacity to eliminate or break down the GMO modification. This failure of the immune system can open the pathway to systematic failure.

Let’s look at some GMO items that can be found in dog and/or cat food.

Dog and Cat food companies are not currently required to identify GMO ingredients in their products.

Read the ingredient panel on the dog or cat food that you intend to purchase. If any of the ingredients listed in the chart above are on the ingredient panel, you are probably buying a GMO product. Vet Preferred Dog Food, Great Life Performance Pet Products and Dr. E’s Limited ingredient formulas are all GMO free.

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