Glasses for Dogs

Pet safety awareness and tips are more prominent than ever, and it now includes eyewear for dogs.

We recently covered the quirky issue of cats with leashes. Now it’s on to doggies with goggles! While out and about in my hometown, I noticed that owners have started to put goggles on their dogs if they are in a bike. On one occasion, I actually saw a dog in a side car of a motorcycle, and the dog was wearing goggles. That is not exactly something that a person sees every day.

As it turns out, dog eyewear is actually a rising trend in pet accessories. Dog goggles are made to protect a dog’s eyes if they are in a fast-moving object, such as a bike or motorcycle. It also helps them to see and enjoy the ride, as having wind blown into anyone’s eyes is highly uncomfortable. Dog eyewear doesn’t include just goggles for dogs, but also sunglasses and even prescription lenses. Doggles is the leading company for dog eyewear, and they make all the accessories mentioned above.

As far as prescription lenses go, dogs need them for the same reasons their owners do. Dogs can lose eyesight. When that happens, they tend to be more easily frightened and jumpy. This can make dogs with poor eyesight more likely to snap or bite at someone if they are startled. Glasses could also help dogs with vision loss see cars and obstacles in their way.

How, you ask, do you go about getting a prescription for dog glasses? The first step is to visit a veterinary ophthalmologist, or an eye doctor for pets. The veterinarian will examine your pet’s eyes and determine the correct prescription for him/her. While glasses for dogs may seem silly, it could be really beneficial for dogs that truly need it, and for their owners who love them.

Do you know a dog that wears eyewear of any kind? Tell us about it in the comments!

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