Give some lovin’ to your Mother… Earth!

We are all citizens of the planet- pet, owners and wild animals alike. Celebrate the earth today by getting involved with earth day celebrations that are good for everyone. The theme for this year’s earth day is ‘A Billion Acts of Green,’ which recognizes the combined power of individuals committed to making a difference.
There are countless ways to celebrate and contribute, but here are a few:
Plant trees—for the birds and for us. Planting a tree helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, helps to prevent erosion, and will be a long-standing reminder of your love of the earth. Not only do trees help the earth, but they are a great addition to the local bird community.
Welcome birds to your backyard. A great family project is a birdhouse to help support the local bird population. A birdbath is another treat your winged friends will enjoy, and you’ll enjoy watching.
• Ride your bike to work or school. Your pet might also like to ride in your basket!
• Get together with a group of friends and clean up a local dog park, or even your own backyard. Cleaning will help keep pets and wild animals safe..
• Make works of art out of things that you would have thrown away or things you find. This is a great way to both decorate and save things from landing in the landfill.
You can register your activities online to give others ideas:

Corporations can also make donations at the same site.
For more information visit

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