Friendliest Cat Breeds

Friendly or not friendly? Here is a guide to friendly cat breeds.

Just like humans and dogs, different cats can have very different personalities. However, some cat breeds are more friendly than others.

My family happens to own five of the friendliest cats I have ever met, and I am not saying that just because they are in my family. On the other hand, my roommate has what I’d call an antisocial cat. Is there a way to predict a cat’s personality and social tendencies? Some say yes, and here are some general observations about what the friendliest breeds of cats are.

  • Abyssinians: This is a very energetic cat breed, and it doesn’t care who plays with it! While this might not be the cat to snuggle with, it is very intelligent and will play multiple games with you.
  • Persians: Don’t let the squished face fool you, this breed is actually very nice. Persians are a very gentle breed that loves to be pampered and petted. While this is not an overly active breed, these cats do enjoy being surrounded by people.
  • Russian Blues: While these cats tend to have a reputation of being antisocial, that is usually not the case. This breed likes to observe others, and becomes very loyal when attached to a companion. This is the type of cat who just might hog the bed while you are sleeping.
  • Burmese: These cats are the social ones! The Burmese breed loves to talk, and will sit in your lap while meowing about its day. These cats love being surrounded by others so much, that it is recommended to have a buddy for this breed. So, if you are often out of the house for work or other activities, consider adopting another pet to keep your Burmese company.

Despite these generalities, determining a cat’s personality includes a lot more than picking a particular breed. If you find a cat that you are interested in adopting, spend some time with it and play with it. This will give you a better idea of the cat’s temperament.

Is your cat friendly? Is it any of the above categories or something totally different?

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