It’s a cat, it’s a dog… it’s a fox! Foxes are actually very common in suburban areas. However, would you know a fox when you see one? It’s time to get all the details on these animals!

One day, I was driving around the town of New Bern, North Carolina, with my mom, when I spotted a little, gray animal. Upon first glance, I thought that it was a cat. However, I have never seen a cat that big, so my second thought was that it was a small dog. My mom then told me that it was actually a fox. I had always assumed that foxes would be medium-sized and bright red in color. However, this is not the case!

There are two dominant fox breeds: Red and Gray. Contrary to what the names suggest, the main difference between the two breeds is the size. A Gray fox will only reach 10-12 pounds, while the Red fox can grow larger and weigh around 10-15 pounds. While both breeds can be grayish in color, the Red fox is distinguished by a white-tipped tail. Both of these types of animals can be seen in suburban areas, so how should you act when you see one?

For starters, it is important to note that foxes are more likely to run when confronted, rather than fight. But they are most likely to emerge from hiding if there is food present. Therefore, if there is a compost bin or trash can outside your home that is knocked over, you may find a fox picking through it for food. If you would prefer for the animal to stay away, invest in secure trashcan lids. Also, if you feed your family pets outside, you may see a fox eating the leftover food. To avoid this, bring in the food containers as soon as your pets are done eating.

The animals that are most likely to be viewed as food to a fox are chickens and rabbits. If you have these pets and keep them outside, consider buying or building a strong hutch to house them. Also, keep all animals updated on their rabies vaccination. While foxes do not usually carry the virus, it is best to be safe rather than sorry.

Do you have foxes around where you live? Tell us about them in the comment section below!

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