Foster a Pet!

Foster a furry friend! A foster family doesn’t necessarily mean a family for kids. You can also foster a pet!

Foster families provide safe homes for young, injured or abandoned pets, and several programs all across America are looking for loving homes. Foster parents provide temporary care for animals, dogs, cats and even reptiles. Some animals only need care for a couple of weeks, while some may need to stay in their homes for three months or so.

Types of animals that needs foster families include:

  • Kittens and puppies that are under eight weeks. By their eight-week birthday, they can be spayed or neutered and readied for adoption.
  • Cats or dogs that are nursing kittens or puppies. Shelters are not the best environments to raise a litter.
  • Animals that are being treated for illnesses or injuries.
  • Animals that have lost their home for some reason.

Foster families need to be able to provide a calm and safe environment for their foster pet. That often includes keeping them away from family pets for at least 10 days. Foster families should also plan ahead for possible bad behavior from their foster pets, and keep in mind that the pet will eventually leave for a new, permanent home.

If you’re interesting is fostering, check the internet to see if there is a local foster pet program in your area. Learn about what the program expects of foster families, and what you can expect by way of support from them. While becoming a foster parent to an animal may seem a daunting task, doing so helps an animal to find a happy, healthy home.

Did you ever foster a dog or cat? Based on the experience, would you do it again? Tell us in the comments!

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