Football fun with your dog

If you are a football fan, September 5th, marks a long awaited start to the football season. Personally, I enjoy watching the game with my dog and I have found several ways to include my pet in football festivities.

Central to any football Sundays is the food. One way to include your dog is to make snacks for him to enjoy while you are watching the game. You can make your own jerky in the oven or even “puptato skins” Football shaped doggy cookies are another great idea. An internet search will yield hundreds of easy recipes for tasty dog treats.

Remember, that many of the snacks that we humans like to enjoy while watching football may be harmful to your dog. Some common foods on game day that can be harmful to your pet are avocado, onion, garlic, alcohol and caffeine. Even sharing things like chips and pretzels are not good for them due to the high salt content.

During the game I like to make sure that my dog is supporting our favorite team. Just like your favorite jersey, your dog can show his team spirit. My dog wears a bandanna around his collar with my favorite team’s logo.

On game day you can also get into football spirit by playing fetch with a football instead of a tennis ball. Just make sure the football is made for pets since human footballs can be harmful to your pet.

These ideas can help football season become a full family affair!

How does your dog show their football spirit? Tell us in the comments section.

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