Flying With a Pet

Flying home for the holidays? If your pet is going with you, here are some pet travel tips to keep in mind.

If you want to show off the grand-pup, or if your pet needs to come with you during extended holiday travel, it pays to plan ahead…especially if an airplane is among your modes of transportation. When traveling by air:

  • Make reservations early. Some airlines put a cap on the number of furry flyers they allow on any one plane.
  • Call the airline ahead of time. Ask about and make any special arrangements they require. You might need vaccine/immunization records, food and water dishes, and proof of age, for example.
  • Visit the airline’s website, and print off their regulations. Flying pets aren’t the most common passengers they have, so bringing a copy of the regulations with you might help refresh everyone’s memories.
  • Practice makes perfect. Try your pet’s portable kennel or carrier on for size to make sure your pet is comfortable. Drive around with your pet in the carrier to get him used to it.
  • Play and stretch. Build in lots of time the day before your trip to exercise your pet. And plan to do the same before you get on the plane.
  • Think ahead about transportation at the other end of your flight. Call ahead to ask about taxis, or make sure the grand-dog’s grandparent has a car that can accommodate.

For more pet travel tips (including travel by boat, car and train, plus pet-friendly hotels) visit the American Veterinarian Medical Association website.

Do you fly with your pet? What steps do you take to ensure that the trip goes smoothly? Tell us in the comments!

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