Flea Treatment

Those pesky fleas! Summertime brings mosquitoes…and flea season. Be sure to protect your pet from pesky bugs this summer.

When I was in middle school, I came home after attending a St. Louis Cardinals game with my dad to find…a kitten! My mom had found a farm with a litter of kittens looking for good homes. The fluffy thing was adorable, tiny, orange…and covered in fleas.

So, here’s what we’ve learned for flea control:

  1. How to spot fleas on your pet: It’s simple. Fleas can often be seen scurrying and jumping around in your pet’s fur. They are dark-copper colored, and about the size of a pin. They will appear in furry places on your pet, so be sure to look at your pet’s belly and inner-thighs.
  2. Once you spot the fleas, pick out as many as you can. My mom and I used tweezers (which did not make for a happy kitten, but it was all worth it). Then, give your pet a light bath (once again, our kitten was not a fan of this idea). If your pet absolutely despises baths, get a moist washcloth and wash their fur that way.
  3. After this, be sure to take your pet to the vet and find the correct flea treatment plan for you and your furry friend. It is very important to discuss this with your vet, because the wrong dosage of flea treatment could be toxic. After a discussion with your vet, find a plan and stick to it!

Follow these tips for a happy and flea-free pet! Our kitten thanked us in the long run.

Do you have any experience with fleas? How did you get rid of them? Share tips in the comments!

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