Ferret Walking

While some people think that dogs are the only perfect pets for a walk on a leash, they are wrong! Learn about one unusual pet you can take for a walk. In my blogs, I have discussed ways of walking a pet dog, a pet cat and even a pet rabbit. However, did you know that there is yet another type of pet you can walk on a leash? These long, furry animals are mostly seen sleeping, but they can use some fresh air just like everyone else. Have you guessed the animal yet? If you were thinking of walking a ferret, you are correct!

A ferret might seem like an odd pet to take on a walk, but this breed loves to go on a good adventure and explore. The first step in taking your ferret for a walk is to make sure that it is up to date on all of its vaccinations. This will keep your pet safe from disease, as well as protect other animals that are outside. The next step is to find a ferret harness. The harness should be loose enough that your fingers can get between it and the body of your pet, but tight enough that it doesn’t slide off. If you have any questions regarding fitting, I would suggest asking your veterinarian.

Before you take your ferret outside, try out the leash while in your house. Let your pet get used to it, and double-check to make sure it’s secure. Once your pet seems comfortable, it’s time to explore!

Once outside, remember it’s not called the “great outdoors” for nothing! The first thing to make a note of is whether your pet is stressed. It may take a while for the animal to get used to all the new smells, sights and sounds, as well as what they’re walking on outdoors. Also, not all ferrets like the great outdoors at all! So take your cues from your furry friend. If your ferret is having fun, great. If not, go inside to play with him.

When it comes to ferrets and leashes, it is best for you as the pet owner to just go with the flow. Whether he likes being outside or not, you can give yourself a check-mark from giving it a try!

Do you walk your ferret outdoors? Tell us about it in the comments!

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