Ferret Exercise

If you’ve seen a ferret, he’s probably been sleeping. Do ferrets need exercise? And if they do, how?

I was in the pet store the other day stocking up on supplies, when I noticed a display cage with ferrets. While the cage had plenty of room, all the ferrets were sleeping. It made me wonder if I had ever seen a ferret up and moving around, which is when I realized I hadn’t. So, for all of the ferret owners out there, I researched ways to help your ferret get more exercise.

For starters, ferrets are good sleepers—sleeping anywhere from 15-18 hours a day! But experts say they need two to four hours of playtime each day, too. So, how do you encourage your sleeping beauty to get up? It helps to know that they’re very curious creatures with an instinctive urge to dig and tunnel. So, make your pet’s environment as interesting as possible. This may include having a multi-leveled cage, or simply having a lot of plastic tunnels that it can run through. You can even use old paper towel or toilet paper rolls.

While that will keep your ferret entertained while in its cage, there are also fun activities that can be played outside of the cage:

  • Play tag by chasing it around, and then allow it to chase you around. However, make sure that you aren’t scaring your pet. This may not be a good game if you have a skittish ferret.
  • Find a toy that has a long string, and drag it around the room. Your ferret will be more than happy to follow it.
  • Use your hand to roll your pet around, play “wrestle” with it.

These are just some starter ideas on how to get your pet to exercise more, while also having some fun. See if you can come up with a few games!

What games do you play with your ferret? Tell us in the comments!

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