Feeding Your Pet

While humans know what time various meals are served, do you know the best time to feed your pet?

One of my good friends from college recently rescued a Greyhound named Flurry. While we were discussing pets and different animal needs, my friend brought up an interesting question. She asked when we fed our different pets. I replied that Mitzy, and all of the family pets at my parent’s house, get fed once in the morning. Others replied a couple times throughout the day, while Flurry gets fed once at night. This discussion made me ponder if there is a meal time that works the best for cats and dogs. Is it best for food to be kept out at all times, or only once a day, or two times a day? Let’s find out!

The verdict is… it depends! The time you feed your pet is dependent on your schedule, and your pet’s schedule. The thing that animal owners should be cautious of when it comes to chow time, is overfeeding. There are different portion sizes for the different breeds of dogs and cats. You may want to either consult with your veterinarian, or take a look at the information on your particular brand of pet food. Whatever the daily amount is, that is how much you should feed your animal. This means that if you prefer to feed your cat or dog twice a day, you should split that number in half. To be sure that you are giving your pet the proper amount of food, you can also invest in a measuring cup that is just used for your furry friend’s purposes.

As for treats, make them a rare surprise. Just like desserts for us, it shouldn’t be regular fare.

How often do you feed your pet? Tell us in the comments?

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