Ask Seth: Feeding Dogs Table Scraps

With Thanksgiving coming up, and knowing how my family likes to feed my dog from the table, what are some foods that are not good for dogs?

This is a great question that comes up every holiday season. Here is a list of a few things that are known to be dangerous to your dog:

  1. Feeding fatty foods from the table can cause pancreatitis and/or gastritis. Both of these conditions can be very painful for your dog and may even be life-threatening, so it is very important to keep the amount of table scraps to a minimum. One or two bites will not pose any danger, but our human nature, and those big, pleading and lovable eyes of our beloved pet are hard to resist. With everyone enjoying themselves and interacting with each other around the table, while we may only feed our dog one or two bites, there may be others discreetly doing the same, which amounts to a dangerous amount. To be safe, it is best to avoid feeding dogs table scraps and holiday goodies completely.
  2. Save the bones for the broth and not your dog. Feeding dogs bones is dangerours because it can become lodged in your pet’s throat or splinter and even cut your pet’s stomach or intestines.
  3. Stuffing can contain onions or onion powder which may lead to anemia.
  4. Grapes and raisins are both known to cause kidney damage to both cats and dogs.
  5. Aluminum foil and plastic wraps can become toys to pets, but later become a life-threatening obstruction in the intestines.
  6. Most importantly, keep an eye on the garbage and make sure your pets do not get into this “jackpot”.  Many of  the things in your holiday trash pose a real threat to your pet’s heath and are capable of causing vomiting, diarrhea, and even death.

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