FDA Pet Food

The Food and Drug Administration, or FDA, has increased their attention in a new area: pet food!

While the FDA is known for their attention to human food, they are now becoming active in the area of pet food. In fact, Congress directed the FDA to protect articles used for food and drink for both man and other animals. This means they must make sure that food is safe for our pets to eat, and it includes all types of pets, not just cats and dogs. The law also protects horses, hamsters, rabbits, and all other pets.

You might be asking, what could make pet food unsafe? Well, just like with human food, there could be unhealthy ingredients, or harmful bacteria, such as Salmonella. For example, the FDA monitors canned food for humans to ensure that there aren’t any harmful bacteria within the aluminum can. The same process is done for both canned and dry pet food.

The FDA also lists requirements for labels on pet food. There are four major requirements: 

  1. All foods or treats must be truthfully labeled with all ingredients that are in the product. The ingredients must be shown in order by the most weight, and only ingredients considered safe and approved by the FDA can be used in the product.
  2. The product must be properly identified. This means the product cannot say it is a “diet” product if it does not meet all the requirements of a diet food or treat.
  3. The product label must state the quantity of the product, or how much product is within the package.
  4. The manufacturer’s or distributor’s name and address needs to be on the product label, so everyone will know who is responsible for the product if something is wrong.

To find out about FDA pet food recalls, please check the FDA website.

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