Remembering a Few of our Favorite Fictional Friends

Not having a pet doesn’t mean you can’t have an animal in your life to love. Some of the pets we remember best are in books.

• As a child, who could forget Clifford, that really big red dog? This once runt-sized dog grew great and big with the great love of his owner, Emily Elizabeth. Clifford was introduced to children everywhere in 1963 and then went on to many adventures. Today, he continues his life on television as the beloved star of a cartoon series.
• A more pocket-sized friend is Toto, of Wonderful Wizard of Oz fame. Toto is of course, the companion of Dorothy, introduced to the world in the first book of a series. In later books, Toto is able to speak! The Toto we usually remember is the scruffy little terrier carried by child-actor Judy Garland in the movie.
• Nana of J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan is more than just a dog to the Darling family. Nana is the all-around helper for children Wendy, John, and Michael Darling. She takes the place of a real maid–and does just as good a job!
• A more recent bookish pet is Fluffy from the Harry Potter books. Fluffy is the three-headed guard dog we meet in the first book. He is vicious looking, but your kids will know how to get by him. (Hint: He falls asleep at the sound of music.) In mythology, a three-headed dog guards the gates of Hades. Fluffy must be a domesticated descendant, because he’s certainly much tamer than that!
The list of our furry fictional friends is endless. Many of them have crossed over from the pages of books onto the small screens (TV) and big ones, the movies. Some even have their own stage shows! But we grew to love them first from the pages of books.
Who are your favorite fictional friends—of the furry variety? Comment on which of them bring you the fondest memories from your childhood.

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