Farm Animals

Old McDonald had a farm… learn what animals thrive on a farm! It’s that time of year again… spring time! Soon, families will be heading out for hayrides and petting zoos. So what animals can be considered as farm animals? And why are they good as farm animals? We have the answers! Here is a farm animal list:

  • Chickens: Who want to own a farm without chickens? Chickens are great animals on a farm because they don’t require all that much maintenance. And they provide great food…eggs! Hens actually lay an average of 300 eggs per year. Chickens eat seeds and vegetables, but they also eat worms, slugs and snails. So there’s another bonus for chickens!
  • Sheep: These are also easy animals to care for because they can survive in very cold weather. Their thick coats keep them warm, and provide farmers wool when the weather warms up. Also, sheep can survive on different types of grass, so they’re fine on practically any farm!
  • Cows: Did you know that cows can live up to 25 years? They’re important for what they provide, us, too. They provide milk, which can then be made into dairy products such as butter, cheese and yogurt. Cows also have an easy diet: oats, hay and grass.

In addition to chickens, sheep and cows, other animals you might want for a farm include ducks, pigs, turkeys, horses and geese. Start working on your animal sounds and visit a farm near you!

Do you live near farms? How often do you visit? Let us know in the comments!

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