Fall is here and it is a great time of year!

Cooler temperatures make the fall a great time to head outdoors with your dog. Consider including your dog in your fall activities.

Fall sports with your family are great opportunities to let your furry friends tag along. Most dogs love to interact with new people and have loads of fun doing it! Another advantage? While your kids are getting their daily dose of exercise and wearing themselves out, so is your pet. Enjoy the extra naps!

Many humans look forward to pumpkin flavored everything this time of year. We rush to our coffee shop to get that pumpkin splice latte that we have been anticipating all summer. Pumpkin cookies, pie, coffee and everything you can imagine is now flavored like pumpkin.

Share your love of pumpkin with your dog. Pumpkin is actually very beneficial for dogs. Consider buying some plain canned pumpkin for your to dog and give them a high fiber, low calorie treat!

Fall is a great time of year! Do you have any fall activities that are fun for your family and pets? Let us know in the comments section!

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