Exercise for Cats

With a few creative ideas, you can encourage a healthy and active feline friend. We all know how it goes. One day your pet is in tip-top shape, then it is slightly chubby (but in a very cute way). But then your pet morphs into a big mass of fluffy fur and four short-looking legs. Weight gain in cats is no jokes and getting that feline back into shape might be a challenge.

Since cats haven’t been domestic pets as long as dogs have, they are less likely to obey human commands. This means that, while a dog may be perfectly content to fetch a stick and bring it back, do not expect your cat to do so! No surprise there. But there are solutions to getting your feisty feline to get moving. Some fun suggestions on how to exercise a cat are below.

  • A Cat Tower: towers aren’t just for Rapunzel! A multi-tiered cat tower ensures plenty of places for a cat to play, lots of area for it to climb and a nice place to sharpen those claws. This doesn’t just benefit your pet, it saves the furniture!
  • Toys: While a stick may not interest a cat, little toys such as jingly balls or toy mice may keep them entertained. If you keep some of these toys lying around, your pet will play by itself and have lots of fun. Just be sure they’re safe for your cat.
  • Laser Fun: This is a favorite of my dad’s. (We have five cats.) If you happen to find a laser pointer somewhere, it is a new treasure that will get your fellow moving! Nothing gets a cat more excited than trying to catch that small red dot as it bounces off the walls.
  • Cat-Fishing: My dad invented this in our family. Take a long piece of yarn, and throw it across the room. Our cats instantly play with the yarn, and my dad has “caught” a cat!

While cats may not be as easy to entertain as dogs, these are certainly ways to get them active. What tricks to you have to get your cat moving? Share with us in the comments!

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