Enzymes for Dogs

Enzymes for dogs are the newest trend in holistic care for our furry friends! To start with, we need to answer the question, “What, exactly, are enzymes?” There are two types: food and digestive enzymes. Food enzymes are those which humans and animals alike eat, and digestive enzymes are produced internally from the digestive organs. These enzymes digest the food that is eaten. Now that we understand that, the next questions is, “How on earth are these supplements making dogs healthier?”

Enzymes are also referred to as “organic catalysts,” which means that they can initiate and speed up chemical reactions within your canine’s body. These chemical reactions include digesting food, repairing tissues and producing normal hormone function, as in having a happy dog versus a cranky one.

Some benefits of the new enzyme supplements for dogs include:

  • Creating a stronger immune system. No more colds for Fido!
  • Decreases toxins within your dog’s body. This can reduce the risk of arthritis and diseases commonly found in older dogs. This also helps for obese pets to get down to a healthy weight.
  • Enzymes increase the production of T-cells. Those are the cells that fight cancer.

While there is a lot of promotion and attention to enzyme supplements for dogs, it is always recommended that you speak with your vet before attempting to give your pet a new vitamin or supplement.

Do you think your dog might benefit from enzyme supplements? Ask you veterinarian about it and let us know in the comments!

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