Eaten By Dogs: Top Five Items

Here are the top five items that have been eaten by dogs. Does homework make this Top Five list? Find out!

Dogs are not known for being picky eaters. In fact, they have eaten some pretty ridiculous things! Here are some strange things dogs have eaten:

  1. Money: A Montana pet owner contacted the Treasury Department’s Bureau of Engraving and Printing because his dog, Sundance, had eaten five $100 bills. The pet owner was able to find the remnants of the bills. However, it will take up to two years for the Treasury to decide if he can be reimbursed for the scraps of money.
  2. Diamond Earrings: In Georgia, a jewelry store owner found trouble in the form of his own little dog, Honey Bun. This pampered pooch was in the store one day and ate a pair of diamond studs worth $10,000. The studs eventually worked out of Honey Bun’s system the natural way, and given a very thorough cleaning.
  3. One Pricey Rubber Duck: This item was clearly misplaced when it landed in Staffordshire Terrier Ozzie’s belly, instead of in a bathtub. The 7-month old puppy was fighting with another dog over the toy. In his excitement, Ozzie accidentally swallowed the ducky. The good news is that after a quick—and expensive—surgery, Ozzie fully recovered.
  4. “Can you hear me now?”: You might want to put the phone down and pay attention to your pooch! A Doberman and Great Dane mix, Nero, grabbed his owner’s phone and then gobbled it up. The phone was retrieved during surgery, after which Nero recovered nicely. The phone, however, had a different ending.
  5. Homework: It’s true! Dogs are known to eat paper from time to time. However, you are likely to find scraps or a partially eaten page. You may want to consider bringing that as evidence to your professor.

That makes the list. If your pet has ever eaten anything peculiar, let us know in the comment section below!

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  1. kristan says:

    I have 2 dogs that enjoy eating rocks!

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