Easter Gifts

Giving pets as gifts is quite popular this time of year. Easter is a cause for gift giving and many choose to give bunnies and other pets as gifts.

Humane societies used to discourage this practice, however, they now say responsible gift giving can result in a lasting relationship with new pets. Before you give a pet as a gift, make sure you follow these tips.

First, ensure that the person actually wants a pet. Unwanted pets will end up in overcrowded shelters in need of a new home.

If you are gifting a pet, consider giving the new owner everything they need to take care of their new family member. Every animal has different needs. Ensure your furry friend is properly taken care of.

Make sure the pet is appropriate for the recipient. Bunnies, for example may not be suitable for small children because they are delicate.

When giving a pet as a gift, make sure to take these tips under consideration. Hopefully, your gift will be loved for years to come and an excellent addition to a family.

Are you giving someone a pet for Easter? Let us know in the comments section.

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