Has Your Driving Gone to the Dogs?

If you’re like many of the more than 46 million dog-owning U.S. households, you’ve likely driven with a dog in your car. In fact, a recent survey conducted by AAA and Kurgo, a leading manufacturer of pet travel products, revealed that 56 percent of the dog lovers surveyed have driven with their dog in their vehicle at least once a month in the past year. This is easy to believe, as most dogs love to go for a ride. What may be surprising is how many of the drivers engage in potentially dangerous behaviors during those drives.
A whopping 52 percent admit to removing their hands from the steering wheel of their vehicle to pet their dog. Another 19 percent said they have used their hands or arms to prevent their dog from climbing into the front seat while the car is in motion. Nearly 23 percent have used their hands or arms to restrain their dog while braking.
Many drivers prefer to have their dog in the back seat, yet 18 percent still admit to reaching into the back seat to interact with their dog. Others, 17 percent in fact, allow their dog to sit in their lap while driving. Giving food or treats and taking photos of their dog while driving are other potentially dangerous behaviors revealed by the survey (with 13 percent and 3 percent respectively).
If you’re going to drive with your dog, consider the use of a pet restraint. Not only will a restraining device (such as those available from Kurgo) limit doggie distraction, but it will also help protect your dog and other passengers in the event of an accident or sudden stop.

Do you drive with your dog besides for vet trips?

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