Guest Post: “T’is the Season to be Careful”

The holiday season is a fun and festive time of year, filling our homes with beautiful decorations, delicious delights and so many fascinating and unusual sights and sounds.

These wonderful additions to our homes can bring us joy, but bring extra dangers for our beloved pets:

  1. Bright lights on the Christmas tree
  2. Beautiful ornaments dangling from the tree
  3. Stockings hanging from the fireplace
  4. Gifts under the tree
  5. Delicious baked goods filling the air with delightful aroma
  6. Toy trains circling the tree with their miniatures

A treasure trove of fun and danger lurks for your pet:

  • What a great time it is to bite into those blinking lights and climbing on the tree to get to them – knocking over the tree is so much fun!
  • Let’s tear apart those gifts to see what they bought me
  • How can any dog resist chomping down some delicious cookies or cake?
  • Those toy trains sure do have some delicious plastic miniatures to eat

Let’s have everyone enjoy this holiday season with no animals getting sick or hurt.

This post was written by Elliot Harvey MH of Author of “The Healthy Wholistic Dog,” Elliot has years of experience in animal health and wellness. Pet Assure is not affiliated with and does not endorse Great Life Performance Pet Products. Pet Assure is presenting this guest post for the benefit of its readers and retains no financial interest in any future transactions.

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