How to Help Dogs with Diabetes

 Photo  by Andreas Andersson /  CC BY-NC-ND

Photo by Andreas Andersson / CC BY-NC-ND

Learn what the typical treatment plan is to help dogs with diabetes.

Does your dog have diabetes? You may be wondering how you can treat it to help minimize the pain for your furry friend. But first, it's important to understand, what is diabetes?

Diabetes in Dogs

Diabetes is a disease that results from a disorder in the pancreas. Type 1 cannot be cured and is when your animal’s body isn’t creating enough insulin. Type 2 can be cured and is when the body is unable to use insulin correctly. One of the key ingredients for developing diabetes is obesity. Therefore, it is very important to start exercising daily with your canine. This can include more walks that are longer in length, or playing fetch more often. Or find a dog park in your area and allow your pooch over time to make some friends to play with there.

Another way to treat diabetes is through insulin injections. There are various types of insulin available, and your veterinarian will determine the correct type for your canine and how often he needs it. The doses are determined in part by each animal’s weight, age and gender. For instance, smaller dogs typically need multiple shots throughout the day, whereas large breeds will only need one.

With the help of a good diet, more exercise and insulin, your pet will be on a good path to controlling its diabetes or getting rid of it altogether.

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