Dogs and Thunder

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3 Responses

  1. Steven B. says:

    My problem is the opposite I think from most dog owners issue with thunder. My incessantly barks at the thunder and is able to recognize that with the flash of light comes the thunder. She want to go outside when it is lightning and thundering. I have tried products like Thundershirt, but not Storm Defender. It has not really work and I know it probably may take more training with it to get her to calm down. I tried calming aids and they didn't work. I play with her during the storm and that seems to distract her for a few minutes, but that is not always possible nor do I feel like playing at 3 am! I have thought about moving somewhere (west) where storms are not common. But then again, she is not heat tolerant either. I still luv her though.

  2. Jeremy says:

    I use Canine Calm which is a product made by Earth Heart and it works wonderfully! I just spray a little behind his ears on his neck and then rub a little in on his ears and he is much better, still a little stressed but not like he used to be. I would recommend trying this.

  3. Steven B. says:

    @Jeremy. I will give it a try and maybe use it along with the Thunder Shirt. Thanks for the recommendation.

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