Dog's Teeth

Don’t forget to brush! To keep Fido as healthy as possible, don’t forget that dog's teeth need to be brushed too!

Just like you, man’s best friend needs to have teeth brushed regularly. Dogs can have plague buildup in their teeth, just like humans. And they can also develop cavities. So it’s important to keep up with your dog’s dental health outside of regular visits to the vet.

Here are some helpful tips on how to brush a dog's teeth:

  • You only need to brush your pet’s teeth about twice a week.
  • Start off by running your finger along your dog’s gums to see how he will tolerate a brushing. When brushing, use light pressure.
  • Use a dog toothbrush, not human tools. The bristles on a dog’s toothbrush are softer and more angled to better help you brush your dog’s teeth. Never use human toothpaste on your dog either. It contains ingredients that may be harmful to your pooch. Doggy toothpaste comes in flavors such as poultry or peanut butter. Yum?
  • Develop a routine: brushing teeth can be a very scary business at first for your pup. Pick a time when your pet is calm, and begin the routine of brushing.

Brushing is not the only way to keep up dog dental health. Certain dog treats and chew toys can help take care of plague as well. Ask your veterinarian for more information on keeping your dog’s teeth and mouth healthy.

Do you brush your dog's teeth regularly? Share tips with all of us in the comment section below!

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