Dogs and Licking

Does your dog have a licking problem? Don’t fret. Check out these remedies! This past month, one of our readers put in a request for this topic. In particular, the reader wanted to know why certain dogs will lick their bodies all the time in areas such as the legs, the belly, and…well…the crotch area. We did some research, and we have some possible answers to excessive licking in dogs!

While there are many reasons why your pet may be licking itself all the time, the reasons boil down into two main categories: medical and compulsive. If you notice that your pooch begins licking nonstop when the seasons of fall and spring roll around, chances are that the licking is a reaction to allergies. Pets can have allergies just like humans. The dog version of hay fever can make the skin on your dog miserably itchy. Hence, the licking is to try and get rid of the itch.

Excessive licking can also be a compulsive behavior for a dog. This means that whenever the animal is stressed, it will begin licking itself or others in order to relax and get attention. If you notice that your dog has been excessive in its licking, but don’t think it has to do with allergies, the remedy is simple…give it some attention!

If the solution doesn’t seem clear to you, it is always a good idea to take your dog into the vet to see if allergies or

Excessive licking in dogs can come from allergies or from needing attention. Take your dog to the vet to see if allergies or stress is the source of licking.

stress is the source of the licking. Your vet will be able to diagnose the problem and help you find a way to make your pooch more comfortable.

Hopefully that answers the reader’s question. Let us know what you find out. Are there any more questions out there? If so, send them in!

Did you ever have a problem with your dog licking excessively? How did you take care of it? Tell us in the comments!

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