Dogs and Beer

Pour Bowser a brew! If you like to kick back on a Saturday afternoon and watch the game with a cold one in hand, your dog can now join you. He may not understand the rules and scoring, or the difference between a touchdown and toe jam, but he’ll enjoy the quality time with you nonetheless – especially if you pour him a dog beer.

Jenny Brown, founder of the company 3 Busy Dogs in Seattle, Washington, came up with the idea for Bowser Beer back in 2007. She created four test recipes for her dogs to taste, and Beefy Brown Ale became the company’s first doggie beer offering.

The non-alcoholic brew is a mixture of meat broth and malt barley. It is non-carbonated and eschews hops, which are toxic to dogs. Brown adds glucosamine for joint health. This means the original flavor and new offering, Cock-a-Doodle-Brew, which is chicken flavored, are both tasty and healthy for your canine companion’s consumption.

Bowser Beer is now available at dog-oriented businesses in 42 states, as well as Harrods in London. Order a six-pack from the company’s website at and personalize the labels with a photo of your pooch and your very own brew name.

As far as serving suggestions, Brown recommends pouring Bowser Beer over your dog’s dry kibble, freezing into ice cubes (perfect for these sweltering hot days) or allowing your pooch to drink it straight from the bottle –just like you.

What do you think about doggie beer? Would you let your dog try it? Let us know in the comments.

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