Is Doggy Day Care Right for Your Dog?

 Photo  by Eddy Van 3000 /  CC BY-SA

Photo by Eddy Van 3000 / CC BY-SA

Believe it or not, there are day cares available for your furry friend!  

I love my job in the event planning industry, but there are times when I and my coworkers have a 12-14 hour workday. For one of my close colleagues, that schedule is a special challenge because she has a young Chocolate Labrador Retriever. Her solution: a doggy day care. It works for her and her pooch. It might also work for you and yours.

Will My Dog Enjoy Day Care?

The canines who really enjoy their time at day care centers have outgoing and social personalities. Animals with high energy levels also love these places. Puppies or younger dogs benefit from staying at a daycare, where they have other animals and humans to interact and play with.

However, if you have a pooch that would much rather sleep his day away, then a day care center may not be the best option. The same holds true if your furry friend is antisocial and is skittish around other animals; daycare might even make their problem worse. For pets like this, day care can make them become more fearful or start them fighting. So for these temperaments, find someone to let your dog out a couple times a day.

How Do I Find A Day Care Center Near Me?

Before you start looking, decide what elements are the most important to you and your animal. Some important considerations: look for a center with staff members who are trained in canine body language, signs of stress and animal care. Next, ask your veterinarian for recommendations, or do a simple Google search. Some centers will want your pet to complete a temperamental test before being enrolled. This is actually a very good idea and helps with the safety of both humans and animals. This test will not only tell if your dog will enjoy daycare, but it can ultimately match hin up with other canines to play with.

Do you know of a good doggy day care in your town? If so, share that with us in the comment section below!

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