Dog Walker Service: Finding the Perfect One

As a dog owner, you always have an excuse to exercise. Unless your pooch has a bladder the size of a mac truck, he’s going to need to use Mother Nature’s “facilities” from time to time. And unless he’s of the teacup or toy size, he’ll require more than a few laps around the living room to keep rambunctiousness in check. Regular, long walks are also good for his health –and for yours. That said, there are times when you need someone else to walk the dog. If you don’t have indentured servants (i.e. children) to handle the task, you may need to hire a dog walker.

Choosing the perfect pet walker is a pretty simple process. You just need to know the right questions to ask.

1. How long have you been walking dogs?
2. Will you walk my dog alone or will he be in a group of dogs?
3. What would you do if my dog slipped his leash?
4. What do you do when aggressive, unleashed dogs approach?
5. Do you have any canine first aid certifications?
6. Do you belong to Pet Sitters International, The National Association of Professional Pet Sitters or any other dog walker/pet sitter organization?
7. Do you have insurance that covers the dogs under your care?
8. Would it be possible to speak with a couple of your current or past clients?

Once you’ve found a few possible dog walkers, meet with them in person –and bring your pooch. If your candidates are all equally qualified, the rapport he or she has with your dog could be the deciding factor.

Do you use a dog walker? How did you find him? Let us know in the comments.

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