Ask Seth: Dog Vision

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1 Response

  1. C.David Cowan says:

    Hi Seth,

    Does the idea that dogs see better in low light, than we do, mean that watch dogs are far better observing issues at night than we are?

    My Corgi seem to be more active at night than daylight.

    My Corgi corrals and then subdues possums, rats, and most anything that moves around in her space.

    I did not teach her this behavior. She just kind of does it on her own.

    Our Cairn Terrier is more active in daylight, and coukd care less about the usual stuff that our Corgi is concerned about in the night.

    They both alert when a human invades thier space.

    And they both get along just fine..The Corgi is a very potent male.(both rescued).

    Thought your remark about wether dogs see in color was right on target.

    I look forward to your 'Ask Seth' feature in the 'Love Thy Pet' newsletter.

    Thanks for all the information you provide.

    Warm regards,

    C.David Cowan