Dog Tricks for The New Year

New Year, new tricks! Playing fetch? That was so 2012. Learn the new pet tricks for the year 2013 .

Training your pet never goes out of style, and neither does exercising! While training and exercise may not seem like the most exciting activities, teaching your dog a new trick is. Learning new skills will help your pooch with basic training and commands, as well as helping them be more physically active. Listed below are some new tricks to teach your dog for the new year.

  • Shake Paws: If you have a social dog, this can be a great trick! Whenever your friends or strangers meet your pet, have it place its paw in his/her hand. You train your pooch by patting its paw and then placing that same paw in your hand. Of course, you should reward your pet to show that this is a good behavior. Over time, you will want to hold your palm out to your animal, and then reward it when it places its paw in your hand.
  • Dance: this is my family’s favorite dog trick with our King Charles Cavalier, Thor. By holding a treat over her head, my mom can get Thor to stand up on her hind legs and “dance” around in a circle. Needless to say, Thor will do anything for a treat. This is a fun skill, just be sure that there are no harmful objects around that your pet could bump into and hurt itself, or something else!
  • Take a Bow: Taking a bow is when a dog bends its chest to the ground, while keeping its hind legs straight. This is a natural movement for your pooch, so it should be fairly simple to learn. Whenever you see your pet do this, reward them with a treat and say the command. Over time, your dog will associate the command with the movement.

Bring in 2013 with some new tricks, and then have your furry friend take a bow!

What trick did you teach your dog? Tell us in the comment section!

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