Dog Toys

As dog owners, it can be quite frustrating to spend $10+ on toys for our dog, only to have a house full of stuffing within minutes. Why spend large amounts of money when it is easy to make great dog toys from things around your house?

Does your furry friend like crinkly toys? If so, you can easily make them at home with old clothes and empty water bottles. Use old t-shirts or socks and wrap them around a water bottle. You can tie knots and braid extra strips of fabric for even more fun.

If treats are your dog’s favorite thing, add some more fun to it by turning them into a puzzle. Cut a hole in a tennis ball and hide treats in it. Empty peanut butter jars make great treats too, so long as they’re plastic! Your dog could spend hours licking the peanut butter at the bottom of the jar.

Many pets enjoy frozen dog treats as well. Try making “pupsicles” by freezing their favorite treats in ice cubes. These treats are also a great way for them to cool off during the hot summer.

Milk jugs also make excellent toys. Some dogs can spend hours tossing the empty jug around. You can make it more interesting by putting some treats inside the jug; just make sure to throw the plastic cap way.

You can make braided and knotted toys from old kitchen towels, jeans and any other sturdy fabric around the house. So the next time your dog destroys that brand new toy, remember to save some money and recycle things in your house by using some of the great dog toy ideas!

What pet toys do you use to for entertainment? Tell us in comment section below!

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