Dog Toy Guide

Are you tired of your dog ruining toys? You may not be buying the right one!

I know I have heard my fair share of dog stories in which a poor toy got destroyed (–or a pair of shoes, but that is another issue). After hearing yet another sad story, I wondered if there was some way for pet owners to know which toy would be the best match for their animal. For example, would your dog prefer a bone or something rubbery to chew on?

Use the guide below to figure out which object is the best match for your pet’s personality.

  • Does your dog like to chew nonstop? Then your solution might be the Kong. This particular item is a chew toy made out of nearly indestructible rubber. It can be found at your local pet store and is sure to keep your pooch occupied for hours.
  • Does your animal have a lot of energy? Does it like to jump and run around? Then you might want to try playing a good old fashioned game of Frisbee. There is a new product called Frost Bite. This disc is safer for your animal because it is less likely to splinter in its mouth. However, your dog could easily chew through it, so you still should keep a watchful eye on this toy as you toss it.
  • Does your pet like to play with others? Then your answer might be a good tug toy. A tug toy is something that your dog can pull on, or play tug-of-war with. The most popular example of this is a braided rope, and a wide variety can be found at your local pet store.

For other ideas, talk to your veterinarian and to other dog lovers.

And share your pet’s favorite toys and games with us in the comment section below!

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