Dog Story: Romance through a Dog!

A client once told me an incredibly romantic dog story that would rival the plot for any Katherine Heigl Rom-Com.  It involved his dog Max, a slightly daft Springer Spaniel.  The owner and his wife had acquired Max and his female litter-mate many years ago.  Sadly, the couple decided to divorce and circumstances forced them to re-home both dogs, a devastating decision that was made in an already difficult situation. 

About five years later, Max was found on his own, wandering the streets hundreds of kilometres from his original home.  No one will ever know whether he had been abandoned by or had run away from his second owners.  He had been micro-chipped as a puppy and registered by his original owners with their details.  His second owners  had never updated his microchip details, so when he was found and scanned, our client and his wife were separately tracked down and contacted.  The estranged couple began to re-establish contact with each other in order to discuss Max's fate.

The result? A reunion of course, not only of Max with his previous owners, but eventually of the owner and his wife to each other!  The ex-es found love with one another again, and are now happily remarried to each other.  The whole thing was a big dose of warm and fuzzy for the staff at our hospital.  The story brought home to us just how important pets are in our lives.

Do you have any stories to share with us about the importance of our pets? Tell them in the comments!

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  1. Nancy says:

    wow, how selfish because they divorced they "rehomed" their dogs. What about one of them taking both dogs or one each? Max would never have had to suffer and what happened to Max's sister?
    Having rescued animal for many years, this kind of selfishness is very common.

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