Dog Shedding

Dogs and the art of shedding. Bikinis are "in", winter coats are "out". The pollen has stopped falling, so now it is time for the dog shedding! While this can be a very annoying time of year, it is a great relief to your pet. A heavy winter coat can lead to overheating, which can then cause a heatstroke. So while you may be irritated to be brushing  away what seems like endless amounts of fur (I have a Labrador Retriever…trust me, I know), it will all be worthwhile for a happy and cool pooch this summer! Below are some tips for brushing your pet, and how to not get so annoyed with the process of shedding. 

  • Daily Brushing: Get a dog shedding brush and make it a habit, just like brushing your teeth! The more regularly you brush your dog’s coat, the faster the winter coat will be gone and the less amount of fur you will see in your house. It’s a win for everyone!
  • Bathe Occasionally: Bathing your dog every other week or so will help get rid of hairs that are shedding. Just be sure to use the lawn hose, because who wants dog hair in the bathtub?
  • Good food: Your dog’s coat reflects what they eat. Be sure to feed your dog healthy food that gives them the essential vitamins and minerals they need.

And always remember, eventually the shedding will stop. Promise.

How do you handle excessive shedding? Share tips with us in the comments!

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