Dog Races

While I knew that dog-racing existed, I had no clue until recently about the reports surrounding these animals’ care.

When I imagine a dog race, I picture a pack of Greyhounds rushing across a track, all wearing different colors and numbers. However, the thought crossed my mind, “Who takes care of these animals?” As it turns out, those in the worst situations aren't cared for at all.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has reported multiple counts of mistreatment and cruelty to the Greyhounds that are used in racing. Greyhound racing has been in a slow decline since 2002, when reports began surfacing of the treatment that the race dogs were receiving.

The death toll is extremely high for dogs being crated while not racing. At one dog track in Alabama, a suspected malfunction in the heat system caused roughly 23 greyhounds to die. Likewise, another 37 dogs died at a park in Florida due to starvation and dehydration. The owner was charged with felony cruelty to animals. At yet another kennel in West Virginia, 73 greyhounds died during a fire that was caused by a faulty ceiling fan.

The statistics only get worse when the greyhounds are placed on the track. In Massachusetts, more than 800 greyhounds were injured while racing during a six-year stretch. The state has since banned the sport. In Texas, there are two tracks in which 340 injuries and 20 greyhound deaths were reported. While some states in America have outlawed the dog racing, it is still prevalent in other countries, such as the United Kingdom.

For more information on these tragedies, search online.

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