Dog Poop: Ten Million Tons

There are a lot of things in this world  I wouldn’t mind having 10 million of, like 10 million dollars, 10 million pairs of cute shoes, or 10 million pounds of cheese. However, 10 million tons of dog doody is not high on my list. In fact, it doesn’t make my list at all. But that’s how much America’s 78 million dogs produce each year, at least according to DoodyCalls, a pet dog waste disposal service based in Virginia.

The company claims that 10 million tons of dog poops is enough to fill a string of fully loaded tractor-trailers stretching from Seattle, on the west coast, to Boston, on the east coast.

Picking up after your dog is important – not only for avoiding citations and fines in most metropolitan and residential areas. Dog doody contains icky stuff, like bacteria and parasites, which can contaminate water sources, spreading sickness. The longer dog waste stays on the ground, the more it permeates the environment.

I do not currently own a dog, but my family had several when I was a child. Dog doody was not high on my list of favorite things even then. In fact, I would have gladly performed any other chore on the board – from dusting to pulling weeds – if it meant that one of my sisters would have to scoop the poop.

These days, families no longer have to fight over who has to clean up the yard. A quick Google search will yield multiple dog waste removal service companies in most major cities – leaving no excuse for responsible dog parents not to dispose of their animal’s portion of that 10 million tons.

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