Dogs as Pets for the Rich?

“Cats rule, dogs drool,” or so said Sassy, the hilarious yet dignified Himalayan star of Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey. I’d have to agree with her—except in the case of Putters. I’m not entirely certain that black and white critter was truly a cat. He drooled like a garden hose and passed gas reminiscent of nacho cheese corn chips, and that’s definitely a dog thing. But I digress. 

I like dogs, don’t get me wrong. They’re loyal. They’re gullible. They rarely steal your desk chair or hog your keyboard. I can find only one fault in any of them: they aren’t cats. However, they are the pet of choice if you happen to be filthy rich.

According to a study by Spectrem Group, a consulting firm specializing in the affluent market, 58 percent of millionaire pet owners cohabitate with a dog. Only 37 percent own a cat. And it’s not just the millionaires. Apparently, senior corporate executives—you know, the guys with the posh corner offices—also prefer canine companionship. More than 70 percent report owning a dog.

When you put wealth aside and consider the country as a whole, the age-old dog or cat question has a much more balanced answer. According to the Human Society, 39 percent of U.S. households include a dog. On the other hand—or paw, if you prefer—33 percent house a cat.

I am not a corporate executive. I’m also not a millionaire. I didn’t even have to double-check my bank account to make sure. I’m firmly in the middle when it comes to assets, but cats control 100 percent of my heart. Maybe there’s a connection, but I wouldn’t trade any of my feline friends for all the millions in the world. How about you?

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